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Our mission :

Our mission is to give to each player the opportunity to feel confident enough to play with any team every where he/she will be. Also, give them the opportunity to have fun while learning soccer and to make them want to continue to play and enjoy soccer. We make each player feel comfortable to build their confidence and creativity. Edmonton is full of soccer talent at every age and we want to contribute to providing well trained young player to academies, university, MLS club and European soccer leagues.

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We teach : Technics

We teach ball control to master the ball, receiving and delivering pass. We word on using both feet, finishing, 1v1 attacking and receiving...

Game intelligence

We practice quick decision making, reading the game, switching the game through video analyzes and some game situation on practice.


We work with a lot of repetition on Speed, jump, body control, balance, jogging and speed variation.


We work on performance characters as well as moral characters. We chat about Hardworking, Positive, Focused, Courageous, Confident, Motivated, Resilient as well as Unselfish, Humble, Encouraging, respectful, Appreciative, Patient, Honest...

Soccer technical

Coach Mo

Coaching education and License : - National C License- Soccer for Life -Making Ethical Decisions -Respect in Sport -First Aid Modeste Messou (Coach Mo) is a passionate soccer player first. He has been playing since kid.

Everyday our entire team works to deliver you our skills

Our Values

Our core value is patient. We focus on growth. We give them time to work and build the foundation. We develop both physical and mental powers for soccer and for life. We take time to do things to improve everyday.

Main goal

Build confident and happy player. We want to positively affect the way they believe in themselves.


Build, train, and develop Edmonton's young 
player to have more stars coming from our 
beautiful city like Alphonso Davies. 
We believe that everything is possible with 
dream, work and faith.